How to Patch a Bike Tube – Fix a Flat Bicycle Inner Tube with Coaster Brakes

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January 12, 2017
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January 12, 2017

If you own a bicycle, you're bound to encountera flat tire at one point or another.

Before you start, you'll need a patch kit.

These are really cheap and I got this onefrom Fred Meyer for $1.


In this video I'm going to show you how topatch a tube on a coaster brake bike but the process is essentially the same on all bikes.

This repair will be on the rear wheel andis slightly more involved than the front wheel.

Once the nuts have been removed, I'll haveto disconnect the coaster brake arm by removing this screw.

At this point I forgot that this bike alsohas hand brake on the back wheel.

So I'll loosen the screw that holds the brakecable on.

After clearing the chain from the gear, nowI can slide the wheel free from the frame.

For this next part, I'll need two flat headscrewdrivers to unmount one side of the tire from the rim.

This can be kinda hard to get started butonce you get it going, you can slide the screwdriver around the rim until one side of the tireis out of the rim.

Now I can push the valve out of the rim.

Because my tube is flat, I can slide the tubeout from the wheel.

Now fill the tube with air for the next step.

We're going to find the leak.

I'll submerge the tube into some water andlook for air bubbles.

Go all the way around until you find the leak.

I see air bubbles coming from just behindthe valve.

I'll mark the spot with a Sharpie and getthe patch kit ready.

The first thing I need from the kit is thismetal piece to roughen up the rubber on the tube.

Now apply the cement on the sanded area andmake sure you cover an area bigger than the patch.

Let this dry.

Take the patch and remove the backing.

On this side, cover the whole surface withcement.

Then set it aside for 3 to 5 minutes.

When the cement has dried, you can stick thepatch to the tube.

Make sure it is completely sealed on the edges.

Your tube is now fixed! So let the air out of the tube and let's getthis bike back on the road! Starting with the valve put it inside thewheel and through the hole in the rim.

Stuff the rest of the tube back into the wheel.

Once that's done, putting the tire back intothe rim is easy.

You're pretty much done now! Reattach the wheel, chain, and brakes thenair up the tire.

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